Thursday, 11 November 2010

Why the Kindle is better than the iPad

The iPad has a lot going for it, but for me the more exciting product is Amazon’s Kindle. It is the first product that has taken ‘Electronic Ink’ to a mass market.

Using electronic ink means no screen flicker, since the text does not need to be refreshed other than when you are turning the page. This makes it the perfect device for reading books or journal articles – a reasonably similar experience to reading from paper. There is less glare (not no glare as they claim) and no backlight.

Electronic ink also has major benefits for battery life, since energy is only needed to change the text: one majorly quick charge can last for one month (less if you leave the free 3G connectivity on).

Yes – that’s free 3G connectivity – be constantly online for nothing; download books from the Amazon store in 60 seconds; or email PDFs of journal articles direct to your Kindle.

Kindle books are often cheaper than the paperback equivalent, and out of copyright books tend to be free.

It is cheaper, lighter, needs less power and is far superior for sustained reading than the iPad.

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