Thursday, 18 December 2014

Key articles on World Film and Cinema

Routledge are providing free access to a wide range of articles from its 'World Film and Cinema' collection of academic journals.  They are a great introduction to the wide-range of journals from this publisher.

There is also free access to articles on South Asian Cinema and Television until the end of the year.

Research Excellence Framework - GREAT RESULTS!

There were great results for CREAM and CAMRI in the latest Research Excellence Framework exercise.  The university's research has been ranked 3rd nationally in the area "Art and Design: History,  Practice and Theory" and 5th in the area "Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information management."

The period covered by the exercise is 2008-2013 inclusive, so this is a significant positive appraisal of the research carried out in these areas over this time.

The full results can be found on the THES website here (the relevant units are 34 and 36 if you are looking at the subject tables).

Further reading

REF Key Facts

Evolution of the REF (THES, 17 October 2013)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Photography books of the year

The books covered in these selections are mainly what the Deutcher Fotobuchpreis calls 'Konzeptionell-künstlerische Fotobildbände.' Google translates this as 'conceptual and artistic photo image volumes' but we normally call them photobooks.  These are not the only sort of books referred to of course, its just there isn't so much attention given to academic texts and surveys.  More to follow (and will be added at the bottom of this post).

TIME Special Preview: A Guide to the Best Fall Photobooks

Photographers' Sketchbooks by Stephen McLaren and Bryan Formhals
Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse - Ponte City

TIME Picks the Best Photobooks of 2014

Disco Night September 11 by Peter van Agtmael
Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down - Eugene Richards
 - a wake up call for photobook publishers according to Olivier Laurent, of TIME LightBox

Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

Imaginary Club by Oliver Sieber
Hidden Islam by Nicolo Degiorgis
Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness and Printed in Germany.

Les Rencontres Arles Photographie Book Awards

Hidden Islam by Nicolo Degiorgis
Johan van der Keuken - Paris mortel retouché

Photobook Award Kassel

Winner: Frédéric Brenner An Archeology of Fear and Desire

The best photography books out now (Telegraph - 13th Oct)

Photographers' Sketchbooks by Stephen McLaren and Bryan Formhals

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2015

Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse - Ponte City
Zanele Muholi - Faces + Phases 2006-14

Best Photobooks (BJP - Dec 2014)

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis

The best photography books of 2014 (The Guardian)

Notable Photo Books of 2014: Part I (PDN)

Best Photobooks of the Year 2014 (American Photo)

Lucie Awards

Winner (Book Publisher of the Year): Glitterati Incorporated for Jean-Pierre Laffont - Photographer's paradise; turbulent America 1960-1990


The Best Books of 2014 (Photo-eye)

Hidden Islam by Nicolo Degiorgis
The Winners by Rafal Milach
Carpoolers by Alejandro Cartagena
Ponte City by Mikhail Subotzsky & Patrick Waterhouse

Photography Books of the Year 2014 (Source Photographic Review) 
- refreshingly a selection of books which focuses on writing about photography

Five notable Japanese photo books of 2014 

Even more...

Top ten: the best photo books of 2014

Livres de photographie 2014 : une sélection (Remi Coignet - Le Monde)

Erik Kessels photobook selection 2014

The Fourteen Photobook Highlights of 2014 by Tom Claxton

Thursday, 23 October 2014

BFI InView; British history through the lens

We have just renewed our license to BFI InView.  This doesn't cost us anything, but this is an archive that is only available within UK Universities.  It includes TV broadcasts illustrating various aspects of British history, loosely organised around several themes:

1. Education
2. Industry / Economy
3. Health
4. Law and Order
5. Environment
6. Immigration, Race and Equality

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Welcome to the library

One of my colleagues in the library service has produced this excellent video introducing our services...  Its a great introduction to some of the services that the library provides.

For a more detailed introduction to Library and IT services, take a look at my slides for the orientation sessions that I am leading in the next couple of weeks.  Don't worry, this is a more detailed version of the actual presentation.

Finally, here is a link to my DropBox public folder where you can download various guides, including the 'big guide'.  If you dare!