Friday, 30 July 2010

Art Full Text - online introduction

One of the databases searched within Library Search 'Articles & more' is Art Full Text.  You don't have to access the 'native' interface, but there are a few features that you might find useful, so I have embedded an online presentation on Art Full Text below. 

It is not the most exciting presentation in the world, but it does provide a useful summary of some of the features:

Coverage; Subject headings; Images of art works; Search fields; Biographical data; Advanced search menu; Email and RSS alerts; Saving articles; Saving searches; Translation of articles; Conversion to audio / saving audio files; Automated referencing

To access the native interface, go to Library Search and search for 'art full text' within the 'Books, journals & more' tab.  You can also try this with 'art bibliographies modern.'

NB: if you are asked for a username and password, ignore and look for 'Shibboleth access via UK federation'

If you have any questions about Art Full Text, please contact me.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New ebooks for digital imaging

The following ebooks have recently been added to the collection:

Davies, A. (2005). The Focal digital imaging A-Z, 2nd ed. Focal Press.

Easton, R. L. Jr. (2010). Fourier methods in imaging. John Wiley & Sons.

Galer, M. and Horvat, L. (2005). Digital imaging, 3rd ed. Focal Press.

Jacobson, R. E. et al (2000). The manual of photography: photographic and digital imaging, 9th ed. Focal Press.

Russ, J. C. (2008). The image processing handbook, 5th ed. CRC Press.

Other ebooks in the collection that are relevant to digital imaging include the following:

Bovik, A., ed. (2009). The essential guide to image processing, 2nd ed. Academic Press.

Keelan, B. W. (2002). Handbook of image quality: characterization and prediction. Marcel Dekker.

Rees, M. R., ed. (2007). Focal encyclopedia of photography: digital imaging, theory and applications, history, and science, 4th ed. Focal Press.

Nixon, M. S. and Aguado, A. S. (2008). Feature extraction and image processing, 2nd ed. Academic Press.