Thursday, 1 April 2010

The New York Times film reviews, 1913-1968

"For bones are being crushed with cold abandon, teeth are being callously kicked in and shocks are being blandly detonated at close and regular intervals on the Paramount screen.  Also an air of deepening mystery overhangs this tempestuous tale which shall render it none the less intriguing to those lovers of the brutal and bizarre."

So runs Bosley Crowthers review of 'The Blue Dahlia' in volume two of The New York Times film reviews, 1913-1968 available on the main shelves of the library at 791.4375 NEW (p. 2115).  I'm sure there are a few hours entertainment in these six volumes for the avid film buff.

For all reviews after 1960 and selected reviews prior to that (not for 'The Blue Dahlia' though - you'll have to come into the library for that) register for free online at: