Thursday, 4 September 2014

US archive of videos - Free Trial

We have free access to the Alexander Street Press video archive up until the end of November 2014 in order to assess its usefulness.

There are two 'volumes' of Asian Film (see under ‘collections’), which looks like the most useful for the subjects I support.  The Art and Architecture collection doesn't reveal much but if you keyword search for 'photography' there are some relevant titles (e.g.  Gregory Crewdson: The Aesthetics of Repression).  There is also a large collection of documentaries in the Filmmakers Library Online, including ‘Out of Print’ on publishing in the digital age which I am going to watch.

If you wish you can set up a personal account, which will allow you to select items to create playlists - which you can keep to yourself, share with the world, or just share with people at Westminster.

In the box below, scroll down and type in 'westminster' where it says 'search by institution name.'  Please let me know if you find anything particularly useful.