Thursday, 24 July 2014

Art Full Text Top Ten

Use of Art Full Text is going down and we're not sure why.  The number of downloads in 2013 is now half of what is was in 2009.  It has seen a steady decline from 2010, but the major drop came in 2010, with the introduction to Library Search.

Library Search was a step forward in terms of searching for books, and for many subjects it works very well for journal articles.  However, magazine content - which is a strength of Art Full Text - is virtually omitted altogether.  Some big magazines, such as Aperture, and Sight and Sound will appear in an articles search, but many titles will not, so this content is often not visible to students.  The same is true for Google Scholar, which for many students is becoming a primary research tool. 

How do we get students to use databases like Art Full Text, and FIAF Index to Film Periodicals?  It is necessary for them to do so?  I don't know the answer!

The most used titles on Art Full Text in 2013 were as follows:

Art Monthly
Art Press
Studies in Literary Imagination
Art Review
Architects Journal