Thursday, 21 November 2013

Box of Broadcasts - news

Box of Broadcasts - the archive of TV and radio broadcasts - will be off-line between 13-23 December to prepare for the relaunch of the service on the 6th January.

While not being able to access BoB for a short time is an inconvenience, the new features that will be launching in January will be very much welcomed.  Of particular interest is the more than half a million additional BBC programmes from 2007 onwards that will  be offered.  I am also very pleased that it will be compatible with an Ipad.

The new features will include:

•    access to more than 500,000 new BBC TV and radio programmes, dating from 2007, from the BBC archive
•    an additional 13 foreign language channels
•    an extended recording buffer – giving you more channels, available for longer
•    a new website look, including colour, theme, functionality and improved navigation.
•    the ability to search across future and recorded programmes simultaneously
•    interactive transcripts and dynamic subtitle searches
•    Apple iOS compatibility
•    the ability to easily create clips and clip compilations, and share programmes and playlists via social media
•    the option to make YouTube-style comments on progammes
•    a quick link to the new BUFVC AV Citation Guidelines, allowing you the opportunity to reference programmes within your work easily.