Thursday, 5 September 2013

Dawsonera ebooks - download to devices service

There is an exciting new development from Dawsonera - library ebooks finally downloadable to devices. You can find user guides on the Dawsonera User Guides page for Android and Apple devices, and from the links below. You will need these.

In summary: you will need an Adobe ID, and to download Bluefire Reader.

For Android devices click here

For Apple devices click here

Why bother?  Dawsonera is our main supplier of ebooks, and there are now 4000+ titles available.  If you've tried Dawsonera books with a mobile device before, you'll know that they have been a little clunky; now, you have the chance to view them in a much more user-friendly format.

I  have tried a couple, and from what I can gather they are either in PDF or  EPUB format; and you only need Bluefire Reader for books in the latter format.