Thursday, 9 May 2013

New books

It's been six weeks since the last 'new books' post, so about the right time for a new one.  You will find that the links below take you to a list within Library Search. 

One book could have included on all of the first three lists, but is only on the Photography one.  This is the new title in the Documents of contemporary art series: Documentary (edited by Julian Stallabrass).

This series is co-published by MIT Press and the Whitechapel art gallery, and brings together key writings on a particular topic.  Previous titles include: The archive; The cinematic; Appropriation; and Memory.  See them all on Library Search here.

New books


+ Jason Evans. NYLPT.  Mack. [now available as an IPad/Iphone app]
Paul Graham.  Paul Graham: Hasselblad Award 2012. Mack.
Luigi Ghirri. Kodachrome, 2nd ed.  Mack.

Film and Television

Photography and Digital Imaging / Clinical Photography