Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dawsonera - new era

Users of ebooks may have noticed recently that Dawsonera have tweeked the interface a little.  They've produced a completely over-the-top YouTube video, which uses a Star Wars-inspired section of Holst's "The Planets" to introduce the developments if you want a look.

Otherwise, take a gander at where you can see the new interface (sign in via Shibboleth).  From what I can see the principal developments are: a fresher look and feel; more prominent 'My Bookshelf'; improved searching; and social media integration.

I accessed Lucy Soutter's Why art photography? on my ipad, which worked very well in 'read online' mode (but did not work in 'download' mode).  This new text is an important and very accessible survey of discussions around art photography, and well worth a look.  I expect this to quickly  become a key text on reading lists from next year.