Thursday, 3 January 2013

New books added to the library...

in the past two months include these new books for photography and these new books for film and television.

Also now in stock are a range of new books for the Art/Science Collaboration module (MDPI500)  and we will shortly be getting copies of Broad vision (shown below before going off to be catalogued) which was the book published as a result of the Art/Science collaborative project last year, also called Broad Vision

The following hefty two volume book is also now in stock.  This is part of a three-part project to provide an encyclopedic history of European photography.  More details here.

Macek, V. (2010).  The history of European photography, 1900-1938, Bratislava: Central European House of Photography.

...and these books have gone off to be catalogued..

They are:

Campany, D. (2012).  Rich and Strange.  Chopped Liver Press.
Soth, A. (2012).  Looking for love 1996.  Kominek.
Garner, P. (2003).  A seaside album; photographs and memory.  Philip Wilson.
Ribas, X. (2012).  Concrete geographies [Nomads]. Bside books.
Sassen, V. (2012).  Die son sien alles.  Libraryman.