Thursday, 22 November 2012

The best British documentaries of 2011/12...

...were given plaudits at the Grierson documentary awards recently.

Most of these were broadcast on terrestrial TV (who says there's never anything worth watching on!) and as such they are available via Box of Broadcasts - our fantastic new resource - so I have created a playlist for you.

I watched the programme on Jeremy Deller at the weekend, which although hardly life-changing, was an interesting look at the artist's work to date.

On a related note, I don't suppose the episode of Imagine, broadcast on BBC 1 this week, will be up for an award next year.  However, it was an amusing profile of the photographer and film-maker William Klein - currently showing at an UNMISSABLE show at Tate Modern.  Watching Alan Yentob's occasional discomfort in the photographer's company was worth watching for. There were also interesting reflections from Don McCullin, who commented that Klein was a photographer who "had the courage to go forward rather than step backwards," and from Martin Parr, whose idea of photographing like a fly owes something to Klein I'm sure. Discuss!

See it on Box of Broadcasts here or login below and refresh this page.

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