Thursday, 1 November 2012

New books Sept-Oct

New books

This is the first 'new books' post of the current academic year and covers all the new titles added to the collection so far. 

Today, I am experimenting with a new way of listing these using Library Search, so try the following:  Photography, Film and TV, and - always the most interesting category - Miscellaneous.

In case these links don't work you can also access my Google Bookshelf, where they are also listed (Photography, Film and TV, and Miscellaneous).

There is a new edition of the Visual culture reader, and new photobooks by Ryan McGinley, Fred Herzog and Julian Baron (see the fantastic video below), and also a major new history of photography published by Thames & Hudson, with an introduction by David Campany.

There are also new books on Michael Haneke and on the 'Dark Knight' (that's Batman to you) - the latter written by Will Brooker, a former student at the university.

Julián Barón // Censura from Kanseisounds on Vimeo.


The following ebooks are also available.  Students currently studying on the 'Perspectives in photography' module may find in useful to look at the 'New keywords' book for words such as 'other,' 'identity,' 'orientalism,' and 'postcolonialism.'

BFI Statistical Yearbook 2012 (free online); back-copies also available.
The media and body image: if looks could kill
Computer and machine vision

Computational Colour Science using MATLAB

Basics Photography 01: Composition, 2nd Edition
New keywords : a revised vocabulary of culture and society


Keep an eye out for a couple of new books by Alec Soth - one is called Looking for love and is due in soon, and before the end of the year, the much anticipated (by me at least), Broken manualI'm also looking forward to Fifty key writers on photography, and Cities and photography both from Routledge this year and Joram Ten Brink, Professor of Film at the University of Westminster, is co-editor of Killer Images - due out soon.