Thursday, 16 August 2012

New books - Jun-Aug

Here we go....  The budgets for 2011-12 have now closed, so the final of this year's four new acquisitions updates can be published a little early.  Enjoy!

A note to my academic colleagues - with little more than four weeks to go before the beginning of the new academic year, now is the time to let me know of any new books that you will be recommending to students next semester.

2012 Film & TV Jun-Aug

2012 Photography Jun-Aug 

[+ Robert Heinecken: Copywork (not on Google Books)]

Some miscellaneous titles

Flesh of my flesh / Kaja Silverman.
[includes essays on Terrence Malick, James Coleman, and Gerhard Richter]

Autonomy. New forms of freedom and independence in art and culture. / Jorinde Seijdel; Liesbeth Meli

Living in the end times / Slavoj Zizek.