Thursday, 30 August 2012

Manuals and videos - more available online

Do you use manuals for photography, film or animation?

The range of manuals available in print in the library is not as wide as what is available through our online collections... 

Safari Books Online
There are over 3000 titles in the 'digital media' category on Safari Books Online and these are constantly being added to.  Safari includes manuals on software packages, and on individual cameras, as well as themed books on topics such as photographic composition, 3D animation and television production.
Safari Books Online - Animation & 3D
Safari Books Online - Video 
Safari Books Online - Photography
Science Direct / Focal collection

In addition, we also have over 200 titles from Focal Press in the Science Direct collection.  Again, there are titles on specific software applications, and other titles related to animation, film and photography.  Examples include 'Night photography,' 'Frame-by-frame Stop Motion' and 'The Film Makers Eye.' This platform allows you to download chapters as PDFs and store them on the device of your choice.

Science Direct collection

Other platforms

There are also sundry titles from other ebook platforms, such as 'Dawsonera'.  These, along with all the titles from Safari and Science Direct, are listed on Library Search.  Search for the topic that you are interested in and select the 'full text online' link.

Video Content

As well as books, Safari also includes over 500 video tutorials.  These are not listed on Library Search, so you need to use the link below.  You will find tutorials on applications within the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as some other titles - e.g.'Mastering landscape photography'.
You may also find instructional programmes on Box of Broadcasts, such as the 'How to take stunning pictures' broadcast on Channel 5, and featuring Martin Parr (in the final programme).  Episodes include advice on portraiture, wedding photography, sports photography, photographing animals, and travel photography.