Monday, 11 June 2012

Third Text - new issue

A new issue of the journal Third Text is now available. Third Text is indexed on the following services available through Library Search:  ARTbibliographies Modern; British Humanities Index; and Thomson Reuters’ Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

The original articles from the latest issue are shown below.

Disturbing Pleasures / Henry A Giroux
How Black is La Negra Angustias? / Eli Bartra
Biopolitical Follies / Bill Roberts   

Beyond Representation / Vered Maimon
The State of the Arts in the Netherlands / Paul O'Kane       

The aims and scope of the journal are reproduced below from the Taylor & Francis website:

Third Text is an international scholarly journal dedicated to providing critical perspectives on art and visual culture. The journal examines the theoretical and historical ground by which the West legitimises its position as the ultimate arbiter of what is significant within this field. Established in 1987, the journal provides a forum for the discussion and (re)appraisal of theory and practice of art, art history and criticism, and the work of artists hitherto marginalised through racial, gender, religious and cultural differences. Dealing with diversity of art practices - visual arts, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, video and film - Third Text addresses the complex cultural realities that emerge when different worldviews meet, and the challenge this poses to Eurocentrism and ethnocentric aesthetic criteria. The journal aims to develop new discourses and radical interdisciplinary scholarships that go beyond the confines of eurocentricity.