Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fifty key texts in art history - ebook

Fifty key texts in art history is an anthology of critical commentaries on a spectrum of art historical theories and texts, introducing the reader to an extensive range of primary and secondary sources across the discipline... A corresponding volume of critical commentaries on photography edited by Mark Durden, Fifty key texts on photography, will be appearing towards the end of the year.

(taken from the introduction)

Newall, D. and Pooke, G. (2012).  Fifty Key texts in art history.  Routledge.

See also

Lechte, J. (2007).  Fifty key contemporary thinkers; from sructuralism to post-humanism, 2nd ed. Routledge.


The following will be published in December (more info. here):

Durden, M. (2012).  Fifty key writers on photography.  Routledge. Published in December.