Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Wilde Bunch

Having recently watched the extract of Slavoj Zizek’s RSA lecture embedded below, one of the first things I downloaded to my new Kindle was Oscar Wilde's peaen to individuality, 'The Soul of Man Under Socialism' (it was free!). 

Zizek's lecture, which reiterates some of Wilde's thought experiment (you might say) on the degrading nature of charity, is much illuminated through the use of illustration here. 

I particularly liked the picture of George Soros repairing with his right hand what he ruined with his left and the illustration of one quotation with cigarettes, beer, a lottery ticket and Britain’s Got Talent.

Similarly stimulating is Ken Robinson's talk on 'changing educational paradigms,' which you can view below. 

Neither are really anything to do with the aims of this blog, but I hope you agree they are worth sharing nonetheless

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